wpCache® Accelerator with

wpCache® About Using

wpCache® does what Varnish software can not do.
wpCache® can run on any website separately and works on all kinds of hosting server.

VPS, Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, Sharing Hosting Server

wpCache® pretends most of Varnish Software’s functionality in a different way of working in its core.
With the power of PHP Zend Engine and Zend Framework in its own management environment.
In this way it increases Server performance and all parameters for better data loading time.

wpCache® is a high-performance web accelerator and may be difficult to get a handle on initially.

wpCache® is normally quite stable.
There should not be any panics in normal usage.

As backend behaviour and client loads are not easily simulated and tested, sometimes wpCache® ends up in a state where it recognizes that it should not be.
In those cases wpCache® will perform a controlled panic.

Varnish Plus, built on top of wpCache®, gives advanced users access to a unique set of modules and expert support that enable secure, high-powered and scalable digital content delivery.

wpCache® offers a host of unique modules that can optimize your web
performance, scalability and help you achieve your business objectives and enhance content delivery.

Finally, the Cache Plugin… wpCache® is here to shake the waters.