Free Pack

At Free Pack is you will not have Support & Performance. But you can install it on unlimited websites.

What is wpCache® ?

wpCache® is a caching and performance optimization web software to improve the loading speed of websites. You can install and configure wpCache® in less than 5 minutes.

The wpCache® on which control panel can run ?

The Software wpCache®, can work better in the environment PLESK. PLESK (Required) / cPanel (Optional)

Why aren't the options kept in the dashboard ?

Changes are made automatically via the Settings.ini & PHP.ini file, because they do not work or teach, the application simply does not work DIRECT mainly to keep the setting constant in the control panel, no more burdensome application with MySQL procedures. Whatever you choose to remain in the server configuration. In case of failure you can go here wpCache / app / server.php and make RESTART SERVICES.

Who should use wpCache®?

Anyone with a WordPress website should use wpCache®! It works for sites large and small, no matter the type. From a simple blog to an online store, wpCache® will accelerate the loading time! wpCache® is easy enough for non-technical WordPress users, but extensible enough that seasoned developers can customize it to their liking.

What are the requirements for wpCache®?

wpCache® will work on any of these servers: Apache (with mod_rewrite, mod_expires, mod_deflate), NGINX, Litespeed or Windows. “Pretty” permalinks in WordPress are required.

Do I need to have coding skills to use wpCache®?

Not at all! wpCache® is the only cache software which integrates more than 90% of web performance best practices even without any options activated. This means that you only need to install it and activate it: wpCache® will automatically start caching your pages, without any need to tweak the code!

Can I use wpCache® on client sites?

Yes, you can use our Infinite license for your client sites. We also offer Reseller accounts if you want to offer wpCache® as part of an optimization package.

Will wpCache® work on WordPress.com?

No, wpCache® is for use on self-hosted WordPress sites (WordPress.org)

What makes wpCache® better than the other caching plugins?

wpCache® integrates all the latest features in terms of performance: deferred loading of images and JavaScript, minification of HTML code, concatenation and minification of CSS and JavaScript files. While being extremely complete, wpCache® is also very simple to configure even for beginners. We also have our own self-hosted crawler bot that will visit your site and generate cached the files so that when human visitors come to your site, they immediately get the fast, cached version of the page.

Is wpCache® compatible with CloudFlare?


Is wpCache® compatible with all browsers?

Of course: all browsers benefit from the optimizations made by wpCache®.

What are the different types of cache supported by wpCache® ?

wpCache® acts on two types of caches: The browser cache: we add guidelines so that the browser caches static resources of the site (CSS files, images, and JavaScript) The server cache: wpCache® creates a static HTML page to avoid any PHP processing.

How can I measure how fast my website is?

There are several tools for that. We recommend you to use tools.pingdom.com which gives quite good results. Be careful to choose a server close to the place where your site is hosted in the advanced settings. Clearly if your site is hosted in Paris, and you select (by default) a test server in the United States, the result will not be representative of the site true loading time.

What are performance ratings?

Performance rating are mainly indicators of good practice. Ratings tools check that the optimizations have been made. These ratings do not indicate, however, the actual speed of a site, they are only indicators. Good ratings do not guarantee a fast site and vice versa. The actual page load time is the most important metric to look at.

What is the wpCache® crawler?

The cache files for each web page are generated when the first visitor hits that page. Once generated, all following visitors receive the faster, cached versions of the pages. To make sure that every user gets the optimal experience on your site, we have developed an intelligent crawler that is called each time you create or update content on your site. This ensures that the cache is generated in preparation for your first visitor.

Why is a fast site important?

A fast site is important primarily for visitors who may leave a website that is too slow, but also for SEO performance since search engines consider website speed as a ranking factor.

Is wpCache® compatible with multisite?

Yes. However, if you have a domain name per site (aka domain mapping), you will need an additional licence for each one. If you use subdomains or subfolders, one license is sufficient. Note: You must enable wpCache® separately on each site within your network. Do not network-activate.

Is wpCache® compatible with WP Touch, WordPress Mobile Pack and WP Mobile Detector?


Is wpCache® compatible with WPML, Polylang and qTranslate?

Yes. You even have the option to empty/preload the cache for a specific language or all languages at the same time.

Is wpCache® compatible with bbPress?


Does wpCache® run with Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd…?

Yes, wpCache® is compatible with Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS et LiteSpeed web servers.

Is wpCache® compatible with Varnish Software?


Is wpCache® can work with other cms?

Yes. Attention! to other CMS except WordPress, wpCache® does not undertake any kind of support for the integration of its php code.