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Meet the wpCache®

The wpCache® is a group of WordPress folks from Europe ( Web Programmers & System Administrators ), determined to take care of beloved wpCache® software in the WordPress. Well that’s us.

The Team

You already might have guessed it: the wpCache® is made of real human beings. Most of us are connected to the WordPress ecosystem. Some are freelance developers, some are focused as system administrators, accessibility and project management. But the whole team has deep roots in the WordPress community.

Sometime we receive donations from any web owner are a real and effective incentive to hold on wpCache® up to date.

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I am Dmitry Nikolaevich Yannopulos, a system administrator and programmer in Russia.
I have been developing wpCache® WordPress Cache software since 2017

Legal notice

The website is accessed via the following address: https://wpcache.co



Moscow, Russia

Publishing coordinator

Дмитрий Николаевич Яннопулос

Hosting company

Hetzner Finland Oy

Huurrekuja 10

04360 Tuusula, Finnland

Tel.: +358 (0)20 787 0390

E-Mail: info@hetzner.com